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Fall in Laugh is a service that offers customized sessions for both companies and individuals. Book your sessions and get ready to laugh your heart out!


I booked Thomas' 'Fall in Laugh' session for a team event with about 15 people split across the US & the UK. Though we are a friendly group, we are by no means super close and have never done something as seemingly 'out there' as a guided Pranayama yoga/intentional laugher session. We all had an amazing time pushing through some initial levels of shyness into what was then a really fun and bonding experience. Not only was I feeling a sense of joy by the end, but Thomas intersperses the sessions with some true nuggets of wisdom. Would recommend to any group interested in trying something different while reconnecting with those stuck at home due to the pandemic.

Samuel, Ashfield healthcare

Fantastic group experience! We wanted to come together as colleagues, step away from our busy workloads, take a moment, a breath, spend some quality time together and bring some synergy to our team. Having been apart due to COVID for such a long time and in that time also welcoming new joiners, we wanted to find a social event that brought us together. Fall In Laugh did just that - sure it was a little awkward at first but the team soon got into it and the lasting effects carried throughout the day for us all! Thomas' communication prior to and during our event, his delivery, content and structure was excellent. Highly recommend!


Emma-Jayne, Facebook


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