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Women claiming space with Laughter

Loud and proud

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Breaking Silence, Unleashing Laughter - A Roar for Women's Voices Worldwide In the name of decency and discretion, laughter has long been forbidden to women. Subversive, uncontrollable, it opposed the ideal of femininity and violated etiquette. To claim the right to laugh was therefore to demand more power. From antiquity to the era of 'one-woman shows,' restraining women to silence was somehow equivalent to being scared of them and their voices. As we approach International Women's Day on the 8th of March, join us at Fall in Laugh—an event dedicated to breaking the chains of silence and making women's voices heard. Laughter, once suppressed and forbidden, has transformed into a symbol of empowerment, breaking through cultural and historical barriers. In some countries, the echoes of laughter still face suppression. Let us remember that, while we celebrate our freedom to laugh out loud, there are women worldwide who continue to struggle for this simple yet profound act.

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(+351) 915 243 689

Lisbon, Portugal

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