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Fall in Laugh is a modernized laughter therapy that combines laughter exercises, yogic breathing, and meditation to release the tensions and stress of daily life.

Adapted from various teachings, the practice starts by utilizing Pranayama yogic- and mindful breathing to relax and inspire synergy within the participants. This is followed by a series of exercises that trigger localized laughter within the body aimed at releasing built-up muscle tension.

This experience had been an auxiliary class at Stanford in their cursus "Humor & Resilience" during the year 2020-2021.



In case you’re feeling shy—it’s been proven that the body doesn’t know the difference between a forced laugh or a real one. In less than 10 seconds, a forced laugh may turn into a real one and as your laughter increases, so does your joy. 

Laughter boosts blood flow by up to 50% and activates serotonin and dopamine release in your brain.

Theories and practical applications are shared throughout the session which ends with a short meditation; allowing a moment to be mindful of what has been learnt and internalise the positive effect of the practice on the body.



King of joy & Founder

Thomas Cock

Born in Zaire, raised in Belgium, Thomas has explored the globe in search of laughter and unique experiences. From Montreal to Paris to Brussels, he has conquered comedy stages with his one-man shows.


Thomas has brought healing humor and laughter therapy to San Francisco, working with various NGOs, from shelters for street children to rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and former inmates transitioning back into society.


In Lisbon, he organized comedy dinners between tourists and locals, exploring the potential of laughter as a universal language.


In 2019, he gave birth to "Fall in Laugh," spreading joy to over 50,000 people worldwide and more than 900 companies.

“Life is better when you’re laughing”

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Queen of Happiness & Brand manager

Elisabete Fernandes

Originally from Switzerland, Elisabete is a creative soul who believes in the interconnectedness of the human experience and emphasizes our collective responsibility in shaping our world. An experienced filmmaker and artistic director, she has worked on projects such as "Demain Genève," a documentary highlighting sustainable solutions in Geneva, which evolved into educational materials teaching about sustainability in schools.


In addition to her creative endeavors, Elisabete initiated an association dedicated to breaking the taboo of cancer in the workplace: “Action-Margaux”, and she also co-founded a community for female founders: “SheSapiens”.


Now based in Portugal, Elisabete serves as the Queen of Happiness at Fall in Laugh, where she passionately shares the transformative power of laughter with the world.

“It's the most efficient practice to burn calories. “

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